Your Body: The Vehicle that Can Guide You Home to Yourself

Your body is the home of your soul on earth.
— John O'Donohue

There are many routes that can be taken to come home to yourself.  Meditation, art and writing are all paths that can lead to self-discovery. The road you will travel when working with Theresa Pettersen-Chu is one in which you will be awakened to the wisdom of your body. Theresa will teach and show you how your body can  take you from the place of feeling fettered to the place of feeling free, from the place of feeling pressured, to a place of peace, and from a place of being resigned,  to a place of being resolute.

Not only is your body the vehicle, it is also your map. It is the container of all your experiences. It knows the lay of your land. It is exquisitely connected to your emotions, mind and spirit. It knows you like no other.

As a mom and an artist I have benefited so much from my sessions with Theresa. I’ve gained confidence and peace. She has helped me find my true purpose. I’ve learned techniques that I can use at any time. These techniques are ways to listen to what is happening in my body, to pause and be aware.
— Daniela

Listening to Your Body: The Entrance to Your Deepest Self

Through listening to your body you gain access to a guide, navigator, faithful traveling companion and best friend. Your body always knows the state you are in, and not just Colorado or New York. When you tune-in to your body you know if you are tense, pressured, fatigued, supported, energized or content. Your body also knows what you need to feel better.

Accessing Your Body's Wisdom

Theresa will help you to listen to your body and access its wisdom using the Rubenfeld Synergy Method®, a process that combines gentle touch and talk. Theresa’s listening touch will help you to become aware of sensations and feelings. Talking about them will lead to further exploration that can include both movement and imagery. This process will help you to heal both physical and emotional injuries, experience more rewarding relationships and  enhance your ability to better navigate life's challenges.

In working with Theresa you will be amazed to discover the infinite intelligence of your body. You will come to know the real value of following your heart and trusting your gut. You will identify the needs and wants of your body, mind and spirit. With Theresa’s help you will use this information as a guide to feeling more WHOLE, FULFILLED, EMPOWERED and IMPASSIONED to create a deeply, rich and rewarding life that is a true expression of you.

Get Started on the Amazing Journey Home to Yourself.

I have spent most of my life looking for my passion and purpose outside of myself. When I looked inward, it was always to the intangibles of mind, spirit and soul. Working with Theresa made me aware that I was overlooking a critical element. Her help and loving guidance has helped me to explore, understand and embrace the importance of my physical self. It has made all the difference.
— Linda