The Rubenfeld Synergy Method

A Path to Healing, Wholeness and Harmony

The Rubenfeld Synergy Method® (RSM) offers a way to tap into inner resources for deep healing and personal growth. A holistic approach combining gentle touch, talk and compassionate listening, RSM uses the body as a doorway into the Self.

Throughout life, stress, memories and emotions are stored in our bodies. They show up as tensions, aches and pains and can cause us to feel chronically tired, emotionally drained and disconnected. Chronic stress and tension can manifest as disease when we repeatedly ignore our body’s way of communicating to us.

RSM helps us to learn to listen to the body, become aware of  habitual patterns and tensions, translate their messages, empowering us to make concrete improvements in our daily lives and remember who we truly are.

Theresa’s focus on listening to the body has strengthened my capacity to directly experience emotions and access internal wisdom. Her approach cuts through my tendency to focus on the mind’s concepts, rationales, and old habits, enabling me to feel what is actually true in a given moment. Clearly knowing my truth is freeing and grounding. Theresa is a highly sensitive, centered, empathic, creative and intuitive clinician whose support and guidance have fostered many insights, openings, and wholesome life changes.
— Judy

A Rubenfeld Synergy Session

Touch heightens awareness both physically  and emotionally and allows for the exploration of  the Self in ways that are difficult to access through talk alone.

During a session, you will lie fully clothed on a cushioned table or sit in a chair. Theresa will begin the  session by making gentle contact with your body.  She will invite you to notice and express what you are sensing, feeling and or thinking.  You then verbally share your experience.  To deepen, expand and develop your experience  movement and imagery may be woven into your session.  This process of exploration  leads to new discoveries about yourself, your relationships and your life.