Body work is soul work.
Imagination is the bridge between body and soul.
To have healthy power,
an image needs to be taken into our body on the breath.
Only then can the image connect
with the life force.
Only then can things change.
— Marion Woodman

About Theresa

Theresa has spent the past twenty years learning  and  teaching about the BodyMindSoul connection.  After a period in her life when she was struggling with feelings of emptiness and exhaustion, she discovered how listening to her body with the help of a Synergist re-connected her to  her soul 's longings for spiritual connection and lifelong learning . This awakening to her body's wisdom inspired her to become a Synergist.

Theresa is wholeheartedly committed  to awakening  others to the wisdom of their bodies, so they can remember the beauty and brilliance of their beings, and live passionate and purposeful lives. Her  personal foundation is built upon a deep belief in the goodness of humanity and in the power of love and compassion to heal the  body, mind and spirit. 

Theresa is a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist®, Certified Rubenfeld Synergy® Mentor and has been a faculty member of the Rubenfeld Synergy Training  Institute.   She was a board member of the International Association of Rubenfeld Synergists for fifteen years.  From 2012-2014, she served as president and initiated the "Befriend Your Body" campaign; an endeavor to educate the public about the wisdom of their bodies. 

Theresa also highly recommends the 30-Day Befriend Your Body Invitation; a program designed to educate you about the importance of having a relationship with your body. Each day you will be guided to listen to your body and make practical use of your body's messages. 

       A Blessing for Your Body

May your feet land on solid, yet yielding ground
and provide you with a secure base.
May you bend into the support of soft knees
and move courageously forward.
May steady hips carry you easefully along your journey
and the knowing in your gut lead you on the right path.
May a strong backbone uphold your convictions
and keep resolute your purpose.
May your shoulders be unburdened
and the weight of the world be rightly held by Mother Earth.
May open arms embrace all those you love
and may love be in your hands when touching all those you embrace.
May you have all the elbow room and breathing space you need to grow.
May you be free from all pains in the neck
and your head rest lightly without worry and self-doubt.
May you always be guided by a compassionate heart
and may passion always be your guide.
May your lips speak your truth and your eyes have a clear vision.
May you trust the knowledge of your body
and discover your body of knowledge.

There is no place like this home.
Your body is a sacred space where mind and soul meet.
May you come to know its rhythms,
listen to its messages and rely upon its wisdom.
Above all, may you dwell in a house of peace.

                                                                                   -Theresa Pettersen Chu

In the midst of my responsibilities and the hectic pace of my full life, my sessions with Theresa provide a quiet respite. In this environment of clarity that she provides I can ponder the feelings that sometimes get pushed away and have them validated and held with respect.
— Joy